The beginning of the article indicates the view of the author, who says that “new thing” in nature, economics, finance, banking is perfectly forgotten “old”, as it is established in the relation of the history, it is the future of invisible, unknown thing. In the relation of problem, it is also important to mention that a risk does not represent malice, but the risks, that are evaluated and managed wrongly are estimated in contrast to this. The article reviews the existence of important interaction factors of the risks, acting at the same time in banking business and reflects author’s formulas for its quantitative calculation. It is mentioned that calculation formulas of economic standards and limits of banking system simply summarize the risks acting at the same time and the important phenomenon of their impact on each other is not taken into consideration, as above mentioned issue is envisaged in the formulation of the calculation of the annual pace of inflation and the importance of quarterly interest rate. The author offers to eliminate the disadvantages in the formulas of calculation of banking standards which will strengthen the reliability of banking activities and improve the impact of risks. If the methodology and formula is got after the calculation of the real volume of bank credit, each risk is directly affected by each other, that was followed by the correction of current methods, such as the consideration of the factor of interaction of risks operating simultaneously in calculation formulas of mandatory normatives of the central bank, methodology of determination of creditability by bank-partners according to Kromonovi V.S., estimation of the possible bankruptcy method of the borrower and enterprise according to Altman or Z-analysis.

Key Words: Financial risk, banking business, interest rate, inflation, credit.