No matter how paradoxical it may seem, one of the outstanding representatives of the Georgian historical novel, Konstantin Gamsakhurdia, when discussing the historical novel, believed that the “historical” predicate was absolutely unnecessary, since “any novel will eventually become historical,” he said.

Regardless of the fact that we agree or not with this consideration of the writer, such an attitude of his is by no means an obstacle to our statement that Otari Chkheidze's novel "Dzhebiri" (Dam) is already a historical novel today. The opportunity to state this is precisely the circumstance that, contrary to the wishes of the then state machine, the novel, as an example of socialist realism, did not take place in any way. Under the current conditions, it is easy to give such an assessment as "did not take place", but in those political and repressive conditions, the writer's conscientiousness and dedication led to the adoption of a risky decision - the creation of such a novel. In turn, all this allowed us to give such an assessment. Comprehension in a parallel mode of the period of creation of the novel and its content, testifies to the fact that despite the existing risk, the writer refused to falsify, he could not let the reader down and go to his deception, he could not let himself down and go against his own "I", he took a chance and went for broke.

Thus, within the framework of this study, we tried to analyze the anti-Soviet novel created in Soviet times from a modern point of view and review a whole range of issues with great attention and comprehension. It seems that as a result of everything, we have had the opportunity to make interesting conclusions. However, we immediately add that our research is a drop in the ocean in comparison with the super-impressive creative artistic world of Otari Chkheidze. Therefore, we plan to continue and further expand this research and believe that even more attention should be paid to the study of Otari Chkheidze's work and current literary criticism.

Key words: Otari Chkheidze, Dzhebiri, Konstantin Gamsakhurdia, Burusi (Fog), ordered novel, Soviet system.