The aim of this study is to identify the effect and degree of influence of organizational innovation and the management ability of perception management on organizational learning. Although the starting points of both organizational innovation and organizational learning are the management level that will trigger or activate both elements, the lack of emphasis on the perception management ability of the management level indicates that there is a need for studies in this area. The lack of studies conducted together with the variables of manager perception management ability, organizational innovation and organizational learning also reveals a deficiency in this sense in the literature. On the other hand, in addition to the contribution to the literature, this study will reveal the triggering factors of manager perception management ability and organizational innovation, both in general and especially in the shrinking market conditions with the effect of recent global crises such as migration and coronavirus, to reveal the importance of the issue in order for organizations to carry their assets to the future. Primary data collected from 372 subjects were included in the study conducted with quantitative analysis methods, time delayed and face-to-face questionnaire. The fieldwork of the research lasted 3 months. As a result of the research, medium and high level positive effects of manager perception management ability and organizational innovation on organizational learning were determined. A model that will reveal implicit knowledge as well as perception management, innovation and latent talent, which are common in all kinds of market conditions for businesses of all sizes and for contributing to the literature, has been brought to the fore.

Keywords: Perception Management, Organizational Innovation, Organizational Learning, Latent Talent, Latent Demand