Hanifi ÜKER

Mobbing is an abstract and complex structure that has negative consequences for both individual and group impact. Mobbing applied in the work area is mostly done both on the employee and against others; these are situations such as intolerance, psychological intimidation, pressure on thoughts, and not accepting differences. In this study, the effects of mobbing on the motivation of private school teachers were mentioned and these effects were tried to be explained. The sample of the study consist of 41 volunteer teachers, 27 of the teachers are female and 14 are male. This research has been prepared based on a quantitative scanning model and cross-sectional scanning design.''Psychological Harassment Scale at Work" and "Personal Information Form" have been used to obtain data.Kolmogrov-Smirnov (KS) test has been  used for normality test. P values ​​were less than 0.05. his situation has shown that the data hasn't been distributed normally. Then descriptive analysis has been performed and frequency, average, and percentage values have been calculated. In abnormal distributions non-parametric analyzes are performed (Yıldırım & Şimşek, 2016). The effect of gender, which is our bivariate categorical independent variable, on the dependent variable has been analyzed by using the Mann-Whitney U test. The effects of the five-variable length of service and age and the ten-variable branch variables have been performed using the Kruskal - Wallie's test. On 28 dependent variables; significant relationships have been determined according to gender, length of service, age, and branch. Analysis results have shown that the mobbing level is very low.Male teachers compared to female teachers, teachers of mathematics compared to other branch teachers and  in terms of work-oriented behaviors, the classroom teaching branch has been exposed more mobbing than other branches.Similarly, it has observed that teachers of mathematics have exposed to more mobbing than other branches in terms of exclusionary behaviors, written and verbal attacks. No significant differences have been found between the dimensions and the mean of the scale according to the variables of service time and age.

Keywords: Mobbing, psychological abuse, teacher motivation, tolerance, phobia