Mustafa Batuhan KURT

Printed advertising is one of the most important tools of communication industry. If it used effectively and correctly, it is possible to reach large audiences and convey the desired information in a healthy way. Advertising agencies serving the visualization process of ads try to manage this process effectively in line with the demands of their customers. Color-related problems are at the top of the list of problems that advertising agencies encounter in this visualization process.

These color-related problems can cause disputes between advertising agents and their customers, which can extend to legal dimensions. This situation causes the advertising agencies to experience prestige, customer, time and financial losses related to these. For this reason, advertising agencies should be aware of the problems they will encounter with colors and take precautions. However, the lack of sufficient resources in this area represents the biggest obstacle for the institutions in the sector to access information in a healthy way.

With this study, it is aimed to create a resource for institutions serving this sector and institutions providing education in this field. In this study, the color problems that the advertising agencies will encounter in the visualization stages of the printed advertisements, printing proof, selection of printing substrate, printing stage and post-printing processes were discussed in detail with visuals and recommendations were made on how to solve them.

Key Words: Advertising Agency, Color, CMYK, Visual Design