One of the Muslim Turkish states established in Delhi is the Halaç or Kalaç Sultanate. The rule of Delhi Apostles, which started with Sultan Celaleddin Firuz Shah, reached its peak with Alaeddin Muhammed Shah.As a result of his military ability and intelligence, Mongol raids were stopped on the one hand and many of the rajas were subjugated on the other. Thus, the Indian peninsula was largely dominated by the Kalaç.Undoubtedly, Melik Kafur had a great influence on this. The sultanate of Alaeddin Muhammed Shah lasted nearly 20 years.However, in the last days of his reign, he was under the influence of Melik Kafur and made the prince Ömer as his heir at a young age. This situation made Melik Kafur more appetite to seize the Kalaç throne.Upon the death of Sultan Alaeddin, Kafur enthroned Prince Ömer. In order to eliminate the resistance that could be formed against him, he had taken shaft in the eyes of princes.Only Mubarek Khan was able to escape from his hostility. A while after the murder of Melik Kafur, Mubarek Khan had taken the throne. However, his reign did not last long and Hüsrev Khan had passed the throne.Ultimately, the Delhi Halaç Sultanate left the stage of history, leaving its place to Tuğlukşahs in 1320. In this article, information about the adventure of Kafur, who was bought while he was a slave and was brought to Halaç Palaceis given.It was tried to give detailed information about the Deogir, Varangal, Dvarasamudra and Ma‘ber campaigns, which he started as the army commander. In addition, information was given about the intrigues he made to take over Halac's administration and his death as a result. Finally, information about the tomb of Melik Kafur was given.

Keywords: Halaç Sultanate, Alâeddin Muhammed Shah, Melik Kâfûr, Deogir, Varangal