Kakhaber GLOVELİ

The end of the XVIII century and the beginning of the XIX century is quite a difficult period in the history of Georgia. Russia was methodically establishing itself in the Caucasus.The existence of an independent Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti in its imperial appetite Wasted. The same fate awaited western Georgia.

 In Georgian historiography The section is fairly well covered, however. There is a big difference of opinion among scholars about the last king of Imereti, Solomon II. He, in evaluating the activity, what his hand, at first glance, contradicts The action also contributed. One group of historians (Sh. Burjanadze, A. Pirtskhalaishvili) His work was evaluated negatively and the king in the Ottoman orientation Blamed, the second group (N. Berdzenishvili, N. Kortua, M. Rekhviashvili) Overall, he praised his work, however, he also noted that, In the end, the king of Imereti still did a useful deed for the Ottomans Did.We give ourselves the right and note that we do not share the above  Opinions. We believe that the last king of Imereti deserves criticism Wrong domestic (deterioration of relations with the princes of Samegrelo and Guria, Significant use of Imereti military resources against them) and Not because of foreign policy. We do not think that Solomon made an unforgivable mistake Allowed by looking for an ally in the form of the Ottomans or the Persians, or, at least, In France. A hurricane was approaching Imereti from the north. This hurricane Solomon II had to be restrained either by wordless obedience, or by arms. He Chose the second path and became an ally in the impending confrontation with Russia He chose the Ottoman sultan because he thought Russia was threatening to overthrow him.   His government, the Sultan was not going to do us A study of the period described in a published Turkish document which Refers to Akhaltsikhe Sapasho, Imereti and Kartli-Kakheti kingdoms, various Many interesting papers have been devoted to the researcher. This article mentions Refers to one specific period of the period for which reference is made In the fund of  Central State Historical Archive of Georgia  № 1453. This reference allows us to determine the relationship of Solomon II Russian-Iranian and Ottoman-Iranian confrontation with the Ottoman Sultan In the background and find out against whom the King of Imereti was going to speak. Therefore, our letter is a kind of attempt of the King of Imereti, Of Solomon II, performance appraisal. The last of the Bagrationi family A crowned representative with his own kingdom rather the unprepared met the time of political upheaval, however, the attempt did not fail Resistance for Christian Russia. Imereti in an unequal battle The king had high hopes for the help of the Ottomans and the Persians, but Paying special attention to the goodwill and support of the Sultan, Because the Persian controversy with Russia in the Kingdom of Western Georgia- It was a cruel thing for the sake of the principalities. Translated and used by us The Turkish reference sheds some light on the intention of the King of Imereti With the help of the Ottoman Sultan, the conquest of Imereti was prevented for Russia In the case and in this way to prolong the political life of the last Georgian kingdom Existence.

Keywords: Solomon II, Selim-Pasha, Sheriff-Pasha, Kingdom of Imereti, Fashalik of the Akhaltsikhe , Alexander Batonishvili, Russian Empire, Tsitsianov