The necessity of separating out business language as the object of special studies is the problem at hand considered in the represented paper. The essence of the term branch language at one hand and its relation to the notion such as functional style at the other, are analyzed here. This issue is topical as far as it has become obvious that recently, in international as well as in Georgian linguistics we meet the term language used instead of the term functional style.  Our discussion is based on the correlations between such notions as the branch language, language style and diglossia. For this goal, the history of creation and setting up of the most part of the Georgian economical terminology is discussed. This terminology was fundamentally set up and determined after the Tbilisi State University opened and began its scientific activities. The research showed that the Georgian language did not meet the novelties brought by the economical development in the 20th and 21st centuries unprepared. The represented article concerns such issues as: a term as a nomen; the means to distinguish between nomenclature and usual appellative (especially in the phraseology units and syntagmatic pairs) and principles for their study.  

Analysis of the corresponding material confirms that the principles of so called grammatical organization of the terminology are common; these principles repeat the basic tendencies of “adjusting” the main tendencies of the terminology as a branch of science. The methods of observation, description, analyzing, comparing and correlating are used in the process of investigation.

Key words: business language, separate branch language, functional language, functional style, term, special language, language subsystem