Nursery rhymes in anonymous folk literature are both an independent genre and are used in a wide variety of literary genres, from fairy tales to children's accounts. One of the most striking aspects of this type of harmony is the use of a large number of unknown words:  a. Hazara huzara Göz atanın gözü kızara  b. Dırın dırın Andırın İki dükkân bir fırın c. Huuu dilik bidilik Saçlar başlar kıvırcık Sen bu oyundan çık d. Avrat var zamuru zort Avrat var çepeli mürt Avrat var hazreti mülk As seen in the examples like “hazara huzara”, “dırın dırın”, “dilik bidilik”, “zamuru zort”, “çepeli mürt” words seem to disappear in daily use. Do these words used in nursery rhymes have no meaning or function? The aim of the study is to question the meaning and tasks of these words by drawing attention to these mysterious words in the rhymes that are not considered. In the first stage of the study, the words whose meanings could not be solved at first sight were selected as the subject of the research, after searching “Tek Tek Tekerleme/ Kahramanmaraş Tekerlemeleri” named book which was written covered by EU Project.  In the second stage, the meaning of the mysterious words in the rhymes was tried to be solved by interviewing the people of Kahramanmaraş. In the third stage, the meanings of these words were revealed by the interviews and dictionaries related to the subject, and the purpose of which the meaning could not be found was determined. Forty-seven words and their meanings were evaluated and inferences were made at the end of this study using survey and resource search method.

Key words: Nursery rhyme, nursery rhyme of Kahramanmaraş, meaningless words, attendant words.