XVII. from the century onwards, with the tolerance of the Enlightenment period, the West began to recognize Islam, and translations of the Qur'an and works addressing the life of the Prophet of Islam began to be published. In conjunction with this study in subsequent centuries, Western thinkers Hz. They had the opportunity to learn about his life and personality from sources that provided information about Muhammad. Russia, which has an important place in the history of Islamic culture, xx. it is also seen that he spent most of the century in the socialist experience and that the experiences gained were a new experience for the Islamic world. It is known that due to geographical location, the Muslim peoples living in this region do not have sufficient information on religious issues due to the conditions of their regime. For this reason, even today, Russian scientists are trying to create a new people and society that appears to be fundamentally opposed to religions and religious beliefs, and which are free from their beliefs by means of appropriate structures, such as Islam and Hazrat Mahdi (as). They try to uncover differences in Muhammad's perception. This is the reason why the Islamic Studies took place in this way. The Petersburg Institute of Eastern Sciences had to adapt to the ideology of the Soviet regime. The Russian Oriental scientists who had previously done missionary work on behalf of the Orthodox Church did not neglect to pursue studies prejudiced against religion as they worked on behalf of atheism. The purpose of this study, are basically adjusted their beliefs against religions and religious beliefs and appropriate structures visible with the new Russian Orientalists of the prophet of Islam in efforts to create a human society. It is to reveal differences in Muhammad's perception.  Our study was conducted with a certain method and limitation on Russian works, as they were not subject to a wide-ranging study. In particular, studies of the works of some Russian scholars have shown that their religion of Islam and Hazrat Mahdi (as) is the most important aspect of the Islamic world. Views and thoughts about Muhammad, critiques and critiques were tried to convey within the scope of scientific data.

Key Words: Islam, Orientalist, St. St. Petersburg, Religion, Prophet, History, Eastern Science