The state apparatus created by individuals in order to protect the society or societies it owns, to establish justice and to provide common welfare, possesses the government of the country through its governments. The idea of determining the customs and rules for the formation and use of the legislative, executive and judicial units constituting the administration power in question and the inclusion of political power within the boundaries is quite old. Although the discussions on the subject have been transferred from the Ancient Greek to the French Revolution and today, the arguments of Montesquieu and J. J. Rousseau have been given priority and the effect of the social stratification behind the principles of unity of forces and separation of forces has been tried to be examined. Montesquieu, who inherited the title of a Baroness from his uncle and a considerable legacy, and Rousseau, who lived a life of misery from the day he was born to the day he died, and at the bottom of the phenomenon of social stratification; There is an inverse symmetry in terms of social status, world perception and political view. Accordingly, Montesquieu's noble noble does not have difficulty in accessing resources and being involved in political life and in this context, the theory of the separation of powers is based on the theory of the lowest level of social hierarchy Rousseau's power to obtain and maintain the power of the principle of the unity of forces to maintain the principle of strength. based on the opinion that yogurt. As a result of this determination, the possible effects of the social status and economic conditions of Montesquieu and Rousseau on the principles of unity of powers and separation of powers were revealed and literature review was preferred as a method. This study was carried out on individuals or groups who were excluded by the society and therefore wanted to gain power; It has been prepared within the scope of the hypothesis that they attach great importance to access to power, authority and resources compared to individuals above the social strata.

Key Words: Separation of Forces, Montesquieu, Union of Forces, Rousseau, Stratification