Ceyda EREN

Nil Esra DAL

Brand concept, has importance as a personality which consumers can express themselves. In this respect, brand personality concept that transfers human personality features to brands is used. Whithin this period, with the affect of current globalization and technology, individuals and firms can differ from others through personality is gained to brands, can create a certain perception, can be remembered easily. Archetype concept which is developed by Carl Gustav Jung psychology theorist and has a new perspective brand personality expresses basic personalities by defining as first model, basic pattern. Archetype approach is an approach that can be used in diffirent science areas. The archetypal concept, which shows a structure that is compatible with the brand personality, has an important place in explaining the perception of brand personality. In this study, by handled archetypal approach in brand personality, it is tried to investigate consumers’ archetypal brand personality perception aimed at specific automobile brands. For this purpose, archetypal twelve dimensions and features are evaluated by using archetype scale. In this study, online survey method is used. The research was conducted with the participation of 557 people. Findings are evaluated with SPSS 22 packaged software and results are interpreted. Data were found to be suitable for normal distribution and factor analysis, reliability analysis, Anova and Chi-square tests were used to analyze the data. As a result of research, it was found that featured archetypal dimensions of consumer perception; sage hero, ruler, explorer regular guy/gal, innocent lover, magician and outlaw. The archetypal method can be considered as a useful tool for personality attribution. The results show that different automobile brands are percepted by the different archetype personalities.

Key words: Brand personality, archetype, brand, personality, automobile