Bahattin ÇELİK



Mustafa GÜLER

 Since 2013 survey has been conducted in the Tek Tek Mountains (Tek Tek Daglari) region within the borders of Şanlıurfa Central district regarding the Neolithic period and before. Surveys were continued in 2019, sites and trap areas (Desert Kites) belonging to Neolithic and other periods were identified. Our researches for 2019 were carried out in the Tek Tek Mountains region, which is located approximately 50km to 80km away from the southeast of Şanlıurfa. This is mostly a rocky region and has very high plateaus. In the Tek Tek Mountains region, where wild pistachio trees are abundant, now there is a very rare population of gazelles but in the past there were plenty. From the prehistoric periods there has been a very intense settling in the region. Especially, during the Neolithic period and afterwards, this dense settling represents itself with slope settlements. According to the researches conducted in the region since 2013, 60 slope settlements have been identified. The trap areas, which we think they were first made in the Neolithic period and continued to have been used in the later periods, constituted the main theme of our research during 2019. As a result of the researches conducted in 2019, 8 trap areas were identified.  Some of the trap areas were found on the southern, eastern and northern sites of the Karahan Tepe and Harbetsuvan Tepesi Neolithic Centers. Except this, many Late and Early Byzantium settlements have been identified in 2019. Our researches in 2019 once again showed the relationship between the Neolithic centers the trap areas and the slope settlements.

Keywords: Şanlıurfa, Neolithic Period, Trap Areas, Slope Settlements, Karahan Tepe, Harbetsuvan Tepesi, Tek Tek Daglari.