The represented paper concerns how the time-space chronotope is reflected in the Georgian romantic era poetry. The issue is discussed basing on the writings of the Georgian romantic era poets: Al. Chavchavadze, Gr. Orbeliani and Nikoloz Baratashvili. Special attention is paid to perceiving three main dimensions of time: past, present and future, on the beginning stage and successive stages of development of the Romantic Movement in literature. Parallel to conceptual (objective) apprehension of the time-space phenomenon, there is a perceptual (artistic) time and space notions as resulted from the artistic imagination. The imagination takes its important place in Georgian romantic poetry though it should be noted that on the first and second stages of the romantic poetry development perception of the time-space chronotope was mainly conceptual. Empiric time-space correlation, idealization of the past, and its vision in the future represented the basic inspiration for their poetry. Their poetry stays within the social way of life. Artistic concept of time and space is compressed implying only the real life. Past is reflected through personal memories and is connected to the future only by means of poetic imagination in which it can be realized. In their poetry time and space are narrow and confined, resolved only within two dimensions – present and past. Future is shown only as against the past background. Past is acceptable and it can be transferred to desirable future. On the final stage of romantic era (N.Baratashvili) the timespace chronotope is described differently. In Nicoloz Baratshvilis’s poetry the concepts of time and space are vast and diversified. Time is reflected in his poetry conceptually as well as perceptually. When studying Baratashvilis’s poetry it is very important to pay attention to coexistence of such phenomena as time and something beyond time, space and something above-spatial. His poetry involves both our world and whole universe; heavens as space are represented side by side with worldly space which is very important aspect when studying his poetry.

Keywords: Baratashvili, Orbeliani, Chavchavadze, space, time, conceptual, perceptual.