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The poems widely used in literary genres are multi-layered texts in terms of meaning. In poetry, which shows a very intense expression, thanks to the choice of words and the unique sequence of poetry only emotions are not addressed. People, events and nature go into poetry after the first contact of the poet. The poet’s contact with these elements adds the conditions of the time that poems were born to the people, events and nature. These conditions can be given in such a way that the reader can be seen directly in the poem, or can be conveyed in a deeper dimension that can be understood indirectly. When the conditions of the period bring the poets together in a common feeling, the movements that use common themes in the poems are born. In Kyrgyz literature, one of the common themes used in poetry in the second half of the 19th century until recently is ‘flowing water’. It is possible to find traces of the social problems of the period in the poems which are mentioned as a folk lyric around the water flow. In a period in which oppression and tyranny do not allow the poets who grow up in a particularly poor family environment to criticize the rulers, it cannot be expected that the details of the difficulties experienced in the poems are stated directly. More folk lyrics are made in the ‘flowing water’ themed poems of Ceñicok Kökö Uulu, Togolok Moldo and Barpı Alıkulov who were grown in the Kyrgyz poetry tradition. The poets talk about ‘flowing water’ theme through the personification process as a model for the ideal human and ideal society. Apart from the direct narratives of poems, details about the life of the society were given in an allegorical way that is through indirect associations.

Keywords: Kyrgyz poem, flowing water, Ceñicok Kökö Uulu, Togolok Moldo, Barpı Alıkulov.

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