The work analyzes one of the problems from the poem “The Torture of Queen Ketevan”, which takes the special place in the original work of King-Poet Teimuraz I. His artistic heritage includes not only the original works, but also translated and adapted ones from Persian literature which includes not only the secular, but spiritual ones as well. Each problem is fed from Christian and Biblical prospective, it is understood from the spiritual prospective. It connects secular and spiritual issues very closely and clearly demonstrates that every creature is one whole and inseparable part of the world. The poem “The Torture of Queen Ketevan” is the work of secular genre, it belongs to the Part I of the century XVII, but it is written according to the Hagiography and it has theoretical purpose, and the title “”Torture” indicates it, which reflects the spiritual deed of a Queen, her martyr way of life mirroring her mission full of national pain, protection of native land and belief, which she burdened bravely on herself as a heavy cross, like Jesus Christ and executed it. Queen Ketevan became “The Virtuous Servant of God”- Queen Ketevan”, as Teimuraz I, refers in the poem “The Torture of Queen Ketevan” “She became a “Virtuous Servant of God” (line. 23, 1) Teimuraz I, 1934: 128), Where her intensive work, started even from her own land and then continued on the way which she, Queen, future martyr and saint, had gone from Georgia, from the patronage of St. Virgin to Persia, to the captivity of Shiraz, where she implements her mission more intensively, with characterized courage she opposed to her enemy by implementing the Christian kindness: pray, fasting, regretion, crying, faith to belief and part-taking. For a believer the way of regretting is the way of deeper understanding in spiritual world, pray is the steps made on this way, kindness bringing a person closer to God, a tear is the means for spiritual purification, which determines its being of a believer. Teimuraz I demonstrated the work and torture of Queen Ketevan in the poem “The torture of Queen Ketevan” and showed the way for better life of the nation in future.

Keywords: Teimuraz I, Queen Ketevan, torture, regret, pray, Captivity of Shiraz, “Virtuous Servant of God”, deed.