Although the observed increase seen in the number of female academicians recently in Turkey, it is an indicator of gender roles continue uninterruptedly that masculine power to take more places in top positions and decision making mechanism. Despite the higher proportion of female academicians in Turkey tahn Europe, women’s representationin administrative, management and higher academic career steps is not parallel to this rating. The aim of choosing sociology departments is to show the difference between the number of boys and girls, although there is a considerable number of female students.In this study, sociology departments whose number of female students are quite high compared to male students were examined. It is also purpose of this research that the sociology department in which focus more on gender studies than other branches of science, to put forward of handicap of female academicians. in sociology in Turkey, and the reasons put forward regional proportional differences between men and women progresses, Research Assistant Professor of academics will be studied to determine. The department of sociology, which attained its first official status in 1914, is offering informative contributions to science within 90 universities in Turkey as of 2016. Information on a total of 946 academics working in sociology departments was achieved by the websites of universities and Higher Education Search Engine. The obtained data was analysed with cross table by the SPSS.

Keywords: Female academics, gender, sociology department, career, Academy.