Cyberbullying, which adversely affects the lives of many young people, means that someone virtually bully others who uses digital technology (internet, computer, tablet, mobile phone) through social media (Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Photobucket, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Tumblr). The general purpose of cyberbullying is humiliating, harassing, mocking, moralizing, threatening, abusing through text messages. Cyberbullying with or without awareness of its consequences leads to health problems. The person who suffers from cyberbullying by his friends may experience behavioral disorders such as anxiety disorder, decreased self-esteem or depression in addition to the consequences of suicide. This situation which affects the school, family and friend relationship of the cyberbullied person should be considered as an important issue by the school management, health institutions and parents and young people should be warned about the subject. In particular, it is very important for families, students and teachers to give conferences, to hang posters, to distribute brochures and booklets, and to make programs in the media about how and to what extent it affects the social and psychological aspects of the issue. While serious studies are carried out in American and European countries regarding cyberbullying, Turkey is seen not given enough attention to the issue. Referring to the studies addressed in Turkey, it is seen that only educator tackle the issue. However, cyberbullying requires an interdisciplinary scientific study such as sociology, psychology, communication and educational sciences. In this study, it has been tried to explain the importance of cyberbullying, which is done consciously or unconsciously, by giving an example from the researches with meta-analysis method about the serious problem and its types.

Keywords: Cyberbullying, Virtual Threat, Youth, Authorities, Interdisciplinary Study