Gülseren MUTLU

Since prehistoric times, the bull, which has always held a priviliged position, appears mainly in the recorded resources of Kolkhis dating back to Antique times, on the coins and legends of the same period. When we think about the cultural effects of the nations coming with migrations to the region, we will try to convey the traces of this animal which we see as having an important place in the value perception of the society. The history witnessed the migration of Hurries to the region in masses and the raids by the Hittites and Urartus, two rooted civilisations in Anatolia. The bull was regarded as sacred not only in Kolkhis region, but in Mesopotamian communities beginning with Sumerians, Anatolian and Egyptian civilisations it was accepted as the symbol of deities to a large extent, and of power, productivity and fertility. The Caucasus Mountains, which determine the boundaries of the Kolkhis region, have given limited permission to the cultural, economic and social communication of the region. For this reason, the region, which provides more communication with the sea, mostly entered into communication with the Hellenic world as far as we learned from the ancient sources. This situation of the geography of the region, as well as its structure having underground and surface richness, should have caused some special situations. Although the ancient sources were the basis of my work, archaeological data obtained from the region, especially coins, myths and modern resource evaluation method was used. The legend of Argonat, which is effective in the recognition and recognition of the region, and the transfer of the bull as a “symbol of power” in other legends, is of special importance for the region. As a result of power element, Antiquity is an important figure that reflects the strong and political position of Kolkhis region. In addition, it is aimed to contribute to the future studies of the traditions related to the bull in some regions of Kolkhis which is an interesting geography with its precious metals, strategic location and legends.

Keywords: Antiquity, Kolkhis, Bull, Sacred, Argonaut Legend.