Abdulsamet YAMAN



Great Selçuklu State’s bacis create by Kınık to Oğuz being members Mr. Selçuk in 1020 is years. The state was an independent state by Selçuk’s nieces Mr. Tuğrul and Çağrı. After Dandanakan war has been won against Gazneli, Great Selçuklu State was a state literally. The state has become world's largest and most powerful state in a time. In quite a wide geographica, the state has existed as states. States have taken a major step forward in the management and organizational structure. Many statesmen and scientists educated. In 1157 Sultan Sencer has ended with the death of state power. Great Selçuk state to state depending has existed as an independent for some time. However, this did not take long, Anotolia Selçuklu could only be experienced almost century. The foundation of the Anatolian Selçuklu Ottoman Empire in terms of administration and management have contributed indirectly to Turkey's administrative structure. The purpose of this study, the Great Seljuk contributors primarily required in many states, including Turkey and management structure as an example in other areas is to analyze the state's basic structure. The main reason for examining the Great Seljuk State is that this state increases its power in a short time by dominating in a large geographical area. In this study, explanations were made by using the method based on narration in qualitative research. In order to understand the general structure of the Great Seljuk State, the administrative organization and the administrative structure were discussed in detail.

Keywords: Anatolian Seljuk, Great Seljuk, State, Administration, Administration