Erhan AKIN



However, he is an important way of using efficient and effective work in existence to take advantage as much as possible. A society's language describing the lithe, ready response important words and word groups are vocabulary; people living on, cultural, material and spiritual values. Learn about communities in the transaction Here is a way to examine the existence of their language through words because words used by individuals, cultures and perspectives as they give important clues. The language used in an author's works, and represents both the author community. Author, in his work, on the one hand creates the world of thoughts and from there on the one hand while offering readers to sections of both the reader and the author are the common denominator in the world of familiar language feeds. Mention or post the language used by moving from the past to the present through the savings be regarded as a source of the entities mentioned. This author with the same resource, but also reader combining as one of the common pot. The aim of this study, Orhan Kemal's "Father's House" is to explore novel vocabulary terms. The author of vocabulary elements surveyed identified and the frequency of the use of these elements is tried to be determined. Socialist realism current affected Orhan Kemal's mention in his works has been found in most of the frequently used elements of existence. Research qualitative research conducted with the documents the methods of mining technique. At the end of the work the work's repetition, stay and expressions, sayings, folk mouth words, rich in words belong to Ottoman is Sacrificing; proverbs, slang and terms is not very rich in terms of have been identified. Author's; works in the words under the heading of the religious elements.

Keywords: Vocabulary, wealth, Orhan Kemal, Father House, novel.