Abdullah ELCAN

Altai Turkish is the literary language of the Altai Turks living in the Altai Republic and the Altai Kray of the Russian Federation in the South Siberia Region. The phonetic features of Altai Turkish are suitable for the phonetic features of General Turkish. However, some differences have emerged for a variety of in-language and non-language factors. The fact that Altai Turkish became a written language in a relatively short time has resulted in the continuation of the standardization process; some elements of the spoken language occasionally passed on to the written language, thus creating binary forms in Altai Turkish's phonetics. In this study, the distinctive features of the phonetics distinguishing Altai Turkish from Turkey Turkish will be examined under two main headings as synchronic and diachronic phonetics.

Key Words: Altai Turkish, Phonetic, Diachronic Phonetics, Synchronic Phonetics