Mustafa ÖZYÜREK

The city of Erzurum has always been a significant place in Turkish history, yet it has experienced the most stirred days during the National Struggle. It is because after the Armistice of Mondros, when the homeland of Turkish people was exposed to occupation for various reasons, the first stage of national unity was realized here and the rightful cry of Turks rose from here to all over the world. The unique role of Erzurum in that blessed path has been undoubtedly to embrace Mustafa Kemal Pasha in difficult days of his life, unfurling the battle flag against the internal and external enemies who wanted to put an end the presence of the Turks. Erzurum Congress, hosted in Erzurum, constituted the major stage of this struggle by stopping the unjustified occupations, rejecting absolutely mandate and commitment, and adopting full independence as an ideal. For this reason, activities conducted by M. Kemal Pasha in Erzurum for two months played a vital role in rescuing precious homeland from the occupation.

Key Words: Erzurum, Mustafa Kemal Paşa, National Struggle, Independence