Hürriyet ÇİMEN

Even gastronomic tourism is important by itself as well as being a tourist attraction, the diversification of tourist products and in terms of the use of local resources are very important for customer satisfaction and economic contribution. Generally tourists do not forget to taste the local delicacies wherever the destination goes. In this regard, determination of value of Ardahan cuisine will be an important data to increase tourist attractiveness in terms of the gastronomy tourism. Therefore, it will be important for literature to find out the unique and rare meal of Ardahan cuisine that is the objective of this research. For this purpose face to face interviews were performed in Ardahan. Especially plants which collected from nature for meals were quite valuable. These plants are valued in terms of rarity and organic grows spontaneously in nature.

Key words: Ardahan cuisine, gastronomic tourism, tourist products, tourist attraction, Ardahan