Birol İPEK

Language is a means of communication.The meanings of words which we use as a means of communication, arise when they are in use. There are various forms of speech for an exact and complete understanding of statement. One of them is intensification. Intensification is made for strengthening the meaning or attracting more attention to a certain component. The meaning of an intensified expression is more comprehensible. This expression style which is called as "tekit" in Arabic and "intensification" in English, is met by the concepts of “tekit, berkitme, kuvvetlendirme, pekiştirme” in Turkish. Turkish has a very rich expressive power in terms of intensification. In this study it is focused mainly on the intensification formed with word types. In Turkish, the main headings of intensification formed with word types can be classified as follows: 1. Intensification in adjectives. 2. Intensification formed with pronouns. 3. Intensification formed with adverbs 4. Intensification in verbs 5. Intensification formed with particles. 6. Intensification formed with conjunctions. 7. Intensification formed with interjections. The subject of intensification takes part disorderly under the heading of word types in grammar books. In this study, all kinds of intensification formed with word types are evaluated all together.

Key Words: language, Turkey Turkish, grammar, word, ıntensification