Songül ÇEK

Nasreddin Hodja and his jokes, express the critical reaction wich folk’s improve toward to life with a wise approach. Therefore these are continue to be said transfered even to be transported to written culturel context in Republic period by journals and newspapers. “New Nasreddin Hodja Newspaper, which began to publish in 1938 and continue to 1969 one of these. Setting face to face communication in oral culture, replaced the written communication cultural context in where interference of politica and humour transport to Nasreddin Hodja in different and relieve platform. Humour’s ironic feature softened to criticism, besides humour fact, which is transform to written text, limited to power of politic wich is make pressure or directly go toward to goal. Receiver and sender of communication unavailable in context as tangible and lively, joke’s or joke’shero as Nasreddin Hodja’s sending message, because of unconducted with recive rimmediately, it wa simpossible to react directly. This reduce the power of politic aganist the humaour. In that condition, on one part, Nasreddin Hodja’s jokes started to be reproduced. On the other hand Hodja turned to be a hero who was reproduce political humour.

Key Words: The Newspaper of "New Nasreddin Hoca", Term of Turkish Republic, Written Culture, Political Criticism, Joke, Communication