Today, nearly everyday, try to have an ifluence on consumer’s decisions and preferences on with more improved products and marketing tactics. On the other hand, the consumers who are barely satisfied with the increase in knowledge level and life standarts have become a subject that is difficult to persuade due to the fact that s/he is able to reach different alternatives and there has become a rise in the number of mass madia means and their types. Many of the massager are already recognized as inutile by the consumers whor are floaded with advertisements and knowledge. In this process, the sole way of ereating additional values and establishing a bond with the consumer is through branding. Brand is a promise of a series of concrete and abstract qualities, which a consumer buys and a becomes satisfied with. Product is in the factories, but brand is in the minds an idea or a unique concept. Product can be copied by rivals, brand is unique the fashion of a product can be outmoded, buy a successful brand is infinite. In this context, branding can provide a firm with prferability and distinguishability high-priced sales and may more added values. In this study, the aim is to investigate brand and branding, It’s benefits and effects.