Mustafa BOZ

Minstrelsy is an archaic tradition that has been maintained for hundreds of years. This tradition –like many other traditions- has changed and transformed within time. Such reasons like; the disappearance of the performance spaces, undertaking the social functions of minstrels by different actors and ignorance of youth about the tradition soon results in a worry about a transformation even the extinction of minstrelsy. This article have focused on inverting the youth’s ignorance and lack of awareness of the minstrelsy through using the applied folklore approaches and the ways of creating new minstrelsy actors. In this article, new performance spaces and actors of minstrelsy have been brought into question on the basis of museums and advertisement samples. It is concluded that attention to the minstrelsy can be raised through finding new actors and performance spaces of minstrelsy by utilizing the applied folklore approaches.

Key words: Minstrelsy, applied folklore, transmission problems, new performance spaces and actors