The subject of this study is the evolution process and form of the meaning attributed to the concept of seduction from Kierkegaard to Baudrillard. The first thing to be discussed related to seduction will be seduction in Kierkegaard and Charles. The main subject in Kierkegaard’s work is love, but the things he voiced are inevitably the discourse of affinity and seduction. Taking into consideration the two philosophers together the different forms of this discourse when it voiced by men and women can be apparently seen. In Tolstoy’s sense of art seduction has a significant role when it comes to the subject of love, woman and sexuality. In Baudrillard it can be observed that how a follower of Kierkegaard he is and how he overcomes and expands his ideas about seduction by handling it from different perspectives. The aim of this study is to reveal out the philosophers’ handling with seduction and their influences from each other within a historical perspective ranging from Kierkegaard to Baudrillard. Although the philosophers put forward their sense of aesthetics moving out from the issues such as love, woman and sexuality it can be seen that seduction is in a central role in their subjects. The philosophers discussed in this study gave a priority to seduction by expanding the notion of beauty which is a classic matter of aesthetics.

Keywords: Love, Sensuality, Seduction, Kierkegaard, Tolstoy, Baudrillard