Meral ALIÇ

Culture is a total of all kinds of products, which are gathered by a nation during history. The requirements of being a nation are unity of language and religion, having the same history and ideals on the same land. A society which has these characteristics is named a nation. If a nation keeps its physical, incorporal and cultural aggregation alive, it can stay as a nation as well. Otherwise; it is controlled by other cultures, then loses the requirements of being a nation and finally disappears. The novel, which is a fictious prose, starts with the human and depicts the society of which humans are a part. A novelist first knows both him/herself and the society in which s/he lives, then puts the folkloric elements and products of his/her nation into his/her novels. With the help of this, s/he transmits the folkloric elements to the new generations through his/ her readers. We can call this “cultural transmission”. If so, every novelist is at the same time a person that transmits culture. However, every novelist does not have the same sensitiveness and knowledge on transmitting the culture. In this study, Sevinç Çokum’s novels are analyzed in terms of cultural transmission and how she uses cultural elements in her novels.

Key Words: Sevinç Çokum, Novel, Oral Culture, Song, Culture Transmission