The basic elements of a living language are words. Like the language, the living words change, develop or decease in time. Turkish is one of the most appropriate languages for producing words as part of its structure. Our language enables many new words to be produced because of derivational affixes added into the roots of nouns and verbs. Yet, when some of them disappear through the historical periods, others manage to reach up to the present. 'Sançmak', meaning to stab is a very old root from Old Turkish in our language. However, there are some roots of verbs and nouns, being non-functional now in Turkish tongue. Although some of them have lost their functions, their lives go on with the words that are derived from them. In this study, the development of the verb ‘sançmak’, which has been alive in the mouths of Anatolia and has not been used actively in the written language of Turkish among todays modern Turkish dialects and accents through the former texts of Turkish language, will be analyzed. The word ‘sançmak’ is derived from the verb stem, and in this study, it will be revealed that this verb stem has been alive in some words used in the written language of Turkish actively; yet, in written language, it has lost its function.

Key Words: Sançmak, Pain, Flag, Etymology